Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Cupcake Heaven

I've always loved cupcakes. Cake is overwhelming, because of the size. It's hard to moderate oneself with portion control. Cupcakes are really a perfect treat. Perfect sized portion, and cupcakes have every element of what every dessert should possess. Presentation, color, frosting texture and taste, embellishments, exterior cake-eyness, and then there is the moist interior. Of course, it can be eaten any old way, but it is always important to maintain fosting on every bite for the full effect.

I found Perfect Fairy Cakes with the most beautiful cupcake photographs and I knew I had to share them. This artwork in cupcakery shouldn't be missed. I know that when it gets stressful during the day, I can look at any one of these photos and instantly go to a peaceful and confectionary state of bliss for a moment.

Feast your eyes.


Elke said...

Oh god that's so gorgeous! Makes you want to do a soap shaped like a cupcake...

Anonymous said...

I've seen these cupcakes before..but these are copied from elsewhere! To see the ORIGINAL cupcakes that this person has copied her photo & MANY others from, go to as this is the original artist!