Thursday, September 13, 2007

Ingredients Listed Or Not Listed

Because I felt that a couple of my competitors (which shall remain nameless) were "copying" some of my popular products, I removed the ingredient lists of each product from the website. Instead, if they really wanted it, they'd have to buy it and read the label just like everyone else.

After cruising along other sites, I found that I wasn't so interested in going much further with the company if no ingredients were listed with each product. I would instantly jump to the conclusion that their stuff must be full of unmentionables and that if it wasn't listed, why would I want it? Okay, watch out... This is me being a consumer. Not pretty and I am full of contempt for companies that are untruthful or slippery.

I look for blatant honesty and I respect those that expose themselves whether or not they will be accepted. So I asked myself if I was just being short sighted. My customers should know if they want. Period.

Okay, now I will have the ingredients put back, hopefully in a week's time, AND I am hoping to make some vegan products and notify what products are vegan or organic or natural, etc... Unfortunately, honey is NOT vegan, because it is produced by bees. Although the apiary that I purchase the Tupelo honey from "farms" the honey from free range bees (is that really a term?) along a river in northern Florida. No cages. No cruelty.

Ingredient lists will be replenished. Sorry to have kept you waiting.

Anyone wants to say anything about honey and honey collecting? I am very curious to know your thoughts!


Carrie ~ Gigi said...

I don't know much about honey collecting, but plan to visit a neighbor who is a "Bee Keeper." She has a nice little business with all the honey that is produced. There is ONE small problem~ I don't like bees!

jdbsusanna said...

I love honey. It is a truly amazing substance -- so versatile.

Anne-Marie said...

Hm, your ingredients concern is a big one in the bath and body industry. It is probably one that all the really successful indie beauty producers feel and is a bit of the curse of being successful. Just keep remembering that imitation is the sincerest form of flattery.