Sunday, September 16, 2007

Barefoot Shoes

I love fashion and high heel boots, stylish trends and on the edge style in general. I found these shoes on Squidoo and I think I've fallen in love with them. I have a pair of Royal Elastics Chedal Mules just like these in Marshmallow/Iris and I love them. Get compliments all the time. It kind of feels like a combination of a mule and a flip flop, because the big toe and the other toes are separated as you can see with the elastic "piping(?) Royal Elastics have rotating visual clips if you'd like to see the whole 360 degree view of any show they make. I've had them a year and they don't even look worn and all my friends want to try them on. Go figure.

Now, I found a new funky sandal I like. I do not like to wear what everyone else is wearing and I happen to be attracted to the unique, I suppose. This shoe/sandal looks so neat. I just wonder if it's comfortable. It's all about comfort for me. They are the Vibram FiveFingers and it's supposed to feel like you are barefoot without compromising support and safety. The shoes are cute but I'd have to say the boots are a bit awkward, but according to Vibram, they are a highly effective shoe for boating, Tai Chi and Yoga. Ah Ha.

They kind of remind me of big foot with a wax job.


corinneyb said...

Okay, I really like the Royal Elastics (in my favorite color, no less!), but the sight of the Vibrams made me laugh out loud! Yes, they are quite unique, but they also reminded me of a SNL digital short from last year. Andy Samberg as Jack Johnson for JJ Casuals - "shoes that look like feet". You can see the video on Jack Johnson's website (go to the Bonus Video section and click on "JJ Casuals"). Hilarious!

Fashion said...

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Anonymous said...

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Jacob said...

Amazing design!! Its really a very funky and attractive sandal .It's supposed to feel like you are barefoot without compromising support and safety.