Saturday, April 18, 2009

Pretty In Pink Or Just Overkill

I've been on a cupcake bath bomb kick like a LOT of people. I'm still working on getting my peaks (frosting) much higher. I have to tell you, when I leave out the bubble bath portion, I can get them much taller, so i think I'll stick with the original formula I started with.

Thought I'd hit you with el carnival cuppy cake! If you are in the neighborhood, I have 4 individual ones and a 4 pack wrapped up in a cupcake box tied with a pretty ribbon all ready for a party!

Now, I am ready for a real cupcake. DD, my cupcake friend who has a cupcake shop around the corner, I need a red velvet with cream cheese frosting - aaaaaaahhhhhhththththh!


Anonymous said...

Oh yeah, sure, rub it in that I don't live close by...

Please stop tempting me with thoughts of cupcakse; I still haven't lost the weight I gained on our March trip. Dern it.

kathie said...

That cupcake is so cute! I have never seen a cupcake bath bomb.

Anne-Marie said...

The pink is pink! Wow! You don't mess around, do you?

What a delightful photo and a cheerful display of optimism.