Monday, April 6, 2009


It's like the old days when I first started concocting formulations. I did the research, created a "masterpiece", then dumped it in the trash bin. This was a good summary of the many batches of body goo I made for myself. Luckily, I didn't give up, yeah?

It felt like a little of that beginner's unluck muse was on my shoulder watching me on Friday and Saturday because I tried to make a huge batch of bubble bath cupcake frosting for my bath bomb cupcakes for the shop and I failed miserably. I don't know what happened except that I think I completely misread the recipe and added way too much water, then compensated with all the other ingredients, which never worked and just wasted ingredients..... all I can say is... I threw out over a gallon of frosting. That was a killer because I was all ready to have the prettiest cupcakes on the planet. (well, in Jupiter anyway, which is a planet but not on this planet.)

Then on Saturday, I went back to my original bubble bath royal icing recipe and it came out beautifully. It was a recipe for four cupcakes. When I was done and cleaned up the blender, I had my daughter (who was on Spring break and needing to make these cuppycakes with me) triple the recipe so we coud finish icing the rest of the bombs, I was mixing and mixing.....and what....was.....happening......the icing was.....all........ wrong. Oh mother of GAWD. Now what!?

I reviewed her math after the mixing had been done and realized she quadrupled one of the ingredients. Scrambling around and compensating for the mistake, mixing in more of the ingredients that hadn't been properly added, the darn icing just never got to where it was meant to be. It was thick and foamy looking, not silky and sticky looking the way it's supposed to look.

Hence, more dumping and more wasting.

I hate wasting.

Honestly, I have been quite preoccupied with a couple of medical issues, but now, hopefully that is behind me. So, with this coming week of recovery, I shall dream big and think positive with big fluffy peaks and those cupcakes will be grand.


(hey thinking positively can't hurt)


Kim said...

I, for one, am VERY glad you didn't give up! :-)

Heidi said...

Oh Joanna. I'm so sorry! That doesn't help much, but there are so many of us who know the feeling.

I'm glad you don't give up too!

Cathy Winsby said...

Definately thinking positively will help! Stay focused and everything will work out. Sorry you ended up wasting so much stuff....I hate that too.

Anonymous said...

You're so great about sharing both the downs along with the ups with us. I have no doubt that your next batch will be fluffy and the most beautiful things on this, and other, planet. :)

Thinking of you and hope the medical issues will go away permanently!