Saturday, April 11, 2009

A Few New Things

We have been so busy in the lab whipping up goodies. My daughter was on Spring break last week and decided instead of vacationing, she wanted to come to work with me every day. She helped make bath bombs, clean up, wrapped and cut soap. She even designed and came up with a fragrance for her Toffee soap which I will post here next week. The soaps we made aren't shown in this post because they aren't cured, but they will be. They include Toffee, Clean Sweet and Ginger + Amber with Star Anise. They all came out very nice. Most of these can be found in the Product Labs Etsy shop by the end of this weekend.

Hot Process Yuzu Maui (with cp yuzu bits)

Sweet Lemon Pie Bath Bombs with calendula petals made and decorated by Nina, my daughter

Hefty half circle bath bombs in Passionfruit Guava (over 5 oz)--- sha shaaaaaa!

All natural lavender soap with rose clay and lavender buds

Bath bomb cupcake

Hot process soap:: Citrus Circus Squares
(tangerine, orange valencia, yuzu, grapefruit, ruby red grapefruit + lemon)

Have a great weekend and happy soaping, slathering or scrubbing! Also, if you are not following me on Twitter, get to it to get the April coupon for Crush On You!!


Anne-Marie said...

What a wonderful gift your daughter gave you - a week of memories with you (hellllo Mother-Daughter time) AND an extra set of helping hands. It sounds like a great week and the photos of what came out your kitchen? Scrumptious. Yummy. Decadent. Bountiful.

Robin said...

beautiful stuff! I wish I knew the secret to those smooth bath bombs;)

Cathy Winsby said...

Lots of lovely goodies you two have made and it's so nice to have the time with your daughter...I sure enjoy mine.


PS...I especially like the look of the lavender bars....they really 'pop'!

Anonymous said...

It all looks so gorgeous and I can smell them from here! It's wonderful, too, that your daughter did them with you. :)

in-between said...

looks fantastic and i can almost smell it through the computer! wish i could master the bath bombs the way you have!!!

SoapWithBalls said...

< Waves to Nina...
nice to see another 'offspring' jumping in to soaping.

;') from J.