Thursday, March 20, 2008

Send Us A Review + You Might Win Something

If you have tried our products and want to send us a testimonial or review about it, please send them to me at: jo(at)productbody(dot)com. I will take all the reviews you send me over the next week and pick 2 random people from that list. The 2 winners will receive a free gift from me. It's a surprise, though. I'll announce the gift once the winners are chosen.

One quick rule. If you send me a review, leave a comment that you the comment section. If you have had any negative reaction to the products, feel free to give me your input anyway - really. I think any feedback is good feedback! We need to learn, right?

I just love give-aways.


Heidi said...

So can I just send my blog post? Its kinda long so I could shorten it up a bit...

Ann said...

I've reviewed a couple of your products at I love everything I've tried so far!


Joanna Schmidt said...

Heidi, you are in. I'll count that,yeah!

Ann, your website is not coming up for me. You can email me!

Now for the rest of you, if I have 2 give-aways, how boring would it be to just have two commenters??

Anonymous said...

I'm sending you one!! Busy week, so many things I've put off doing...ugh. But, it's coming. :)