Tuesday, March 18, 2008

All Natural Ranting (And Raving)

Photo courtesy of Product Body

The All Natural trend is a very frustrating topic for me. I own Product Body and created an all natural line of pregnant bath and body formulations with my own hands: Mama Bomb. When doing research on pregnancy products, I found that so many companies making the pregnancy skin care say "ALL NATURAL" on the front of the label but contain parabens and other toxins (look on the ingredient list in the back). How awful! I guess they are allowed to say that it is ALL NATURAL because all natural ingredients are in there. How awful to pull the wool over people's eyes, especially when they are carrying. If pregnant women want to use unnatural products it is their choice but to fool them into your product when they are specifically looking for a natural moisturizer? Shame on them! When I came out with Mama Bomb (a truly all natural body line for pregnant and new mothers) I was thanked by so many pregnant women customers of mine. A choice!!

I am not against the use of parabens. At 1% usage in some formulas, the effects are inconsequential... in fact, broad spectrum preservatives (many of which do contain parabens)
are effective against bacteria and mold that can otherwise be deadly to the
consumer! If a product has no water in it, and no water is introduced into it, there is no need for a chemical preservative. If I were to make a formula with water or aloe vera juice, a chemical preservative must be used to protect the consumer from exposure to bacteria or mold.

I am hoping that my Mama Bomb products will help convince people to educate
themselves about the pros and cons of preservatives and other chemicals.
While in some contexts (as I mentioned) preservatives are critically
important, it is wise to balance that fact with recent studies that have
found parabens can cause hormone disruption - no kidding. I ask you, does a
pregnant woman need to be any MORE hormonally disrupted? I think not!!

I am all for all natural, and I am also in favor of super fun products that aren't all natural. It is the choice of the consumer. WE make the choice for our own bodies and for our family. We should not be lied to or deceived to think we are using something we are not. That is plain trickery and I continue to get all fired up about it.


Anonymous said...

I try to avoid the parabens stuff, so I'm really glad to have found your products.

Heidi said...

Good for you!!! Fired up means great products for us = ) And just for the record, I will use Mama Bomb products pregnant or not because they rock!

I love it when people try to sell me things that are "all natural." I start telling them what specific ingredients are and they look at me like I landed from outer space. Its kinda fun to put them on the spot too hehe = )

nahiacreations said...

Well said!

Joanna Schmidt said...

Dear Teresa,

I should be very clear. Product Body has some not all natural products, but all are vegan. We try hard to provide wholesome products but some are in need (as I said in the post), of parabens. They are present in Crush On You, Road Wash, and Cream. The new line, MAMA BOMB is completely all natural as well as a number of Product Body prods.

I hope this does not scare you away!! ;-*.

Ally said...

Educating consumers is extremely important in the skincare industry as there is no legal definition for the term "NATURAL" (as pertains to skincare). Because there is no regulation of this term, anyone can claim their product is "natural" regardless of what's in it. As such, there should be no true "value" to the term "NATURAL" (although billions are spent marketing the concept each year). This is why it is so valuable to become "Certified Organic". It's expensive, difficult to obtain the certs, and regulated. Therefore, if you use the official organic seal, you have to prove that your product is indeed certified. Unfortunately, no such certification exists for the term "Natural" and countless millions of consumers are mislead daily! This makes it even MORE important to educate people about why your product is truly SUPERIOR!! Keep up the excellent work!

in-between said...

Amen sister! It is a steep learning curve and I am very proud of you for promoting the education of consumers and for being responsible in what you sell.

Anonymous said...

Joanna, a little is understandable...and I'm already in love with your products, so you can't scare me off that easily. LOL!

Anonymous said...

your pixs are amazing as is your product. Whatever you are doing, keep up the great work. Love, Deedeelicious