Friday, November 2, 2007

Crush On You with Sprinkles!

Yesterday in the attempt to make a more affordable shopping experience for those who are having trouble pulling the trigger on $22.00 for a 9 ounce body scrub, I played around with our Crush On You in Pecan Praline with red sugar sprinkles in a 4.75 ounce jar. I really like the sprinkles. I have gotten into the whole decoration aspect of things lately. ( We made our son's chocolate chip costume with my husband this Halloween).

Looks good enough to eat, I think. When I formulate, sometimes the scents are so appealing and foodie-good, that it takes everything in me not to eat the stuff. I have to say, it doesn't taste very good... I have tried it.

I am continuing to crack the whip on myself. I must make holiday goodies for the (you guessed it) holidays. Fun fun goodies.


Anne-Marie said...

Nice photos! I'm surprised the sprinkles don't bleed with the red coloring in them.

Joanna Schmidt said...

Surprisingly and happily, no. We will see, Testing is underway. So we sit and wait and wait and see.

It does smell like frosting and I love it.

Mona said...

Oh my god.

That looks really good. I would keep trying to eat it if I had it.



LoveMichie said...

The pictures make me want to eat a bowl full of sugar but I won't!

I'm not sure if you're interested but there is a recipe for York's Peppermint Patties at However the recipe isn't free and costs 79 cents.

All this talk of sweets is making me hungry.

Joanna Schmidt said...

update: It has been 4 days, and there has been no dye bleed. Looks as perfect as when I sprinkled them on.