Monday, November 12, 2007

Let's Honor Them

We went to an Air Show in Stuart yesterday for the whole day which included an air show, rides, parked planes + copters, boys in the Navy and Air Force and their rockin' machines. We got to walk on planes and sit in the jump seats.

Me with an Air Force plane. This plane could transport SIX Black Hawks at once (minus their blades)

Old fighter plane from the 50's riding side by side with an F16. These fly-bys were honoring the old and the new veterans of war. ~~~~Chills~~~~

I got so carried away with the uniforms and planes and copters and the sounds of jets blowing past, I inquired about the Navy. Now, I knew I was getting old, but this was the real eye opener- get this... I'm too old to join, even if I wanted to. The cut-off date is 33. I am, sadly, 37 years old.

That didn't help my headache.

The planes were awesome. Honestly, when F16's go by my whole body tuns to gel. An, of course, when they did the Missing Man Formation overhead, I cried as I do EVERY time I see that live.

(See my eyes? You can tell I have a headache! Desmond was my protector :))


Anne-Marie said...

Looks like lots of fun! It was overcast and rainy in our neck of the wood so no outdoor activities for us.

Carrie ~ Gigi said...

Joanna~ Great blog entry! On my blog I posted a pic of the reunion of a USA soilder homecoming & seeing his two year old little girl for the 1st time after a 15 month tour...

And hey~ Your little guy is a cutie!

Lola said...

Join the Navy? Robey would be so proud. I recently learned that someone I take a class with is closer in age to Alejandro then he is to me. Talk about your day old bread.
Be well,
Love Lola