Friday, November 30, 2007

For Someone Who Doesn't Like Tea...

Now, come on!  Do I have a tea buying habit?  I drink tea about 10 times a year, so what's with all the many different teas in my pantry?  I don't even think I laid them all out for you to see.  I started to get concerned.... I did the "how many jelly beans are in the jar contest" guess, and I think I have like over 130 tea bag. 

So if I drink 3 cafe lattes a day, how come I have one bag of Starbucks Espresso and over 100 tea bags?  

You do the math.


Cecily R said...

The only reason I buy tea is to tea stain fabric and to simmer the Apple Cinnamon variety on the stove to make the house smell yummy.

Hey thanks for participating in my dorky random list!

LoveMichie said...

umm 3 cafe lattes plus 1 espresso bag divided by 100 tea bags = you buy all the tea because the flavours sound so exotic and pretty!

im a victim of teatoo this shop in melbourne.

they have tea like strawberries and cream and chai chocolate!

Anne-Marie said...

I LOVE tea as well but I switch what you're doing - three glass of tea a day and maybe a latte per week.

You're drinking a lot of coffee. Lemme' guess, you must be an entrepreneur! =)