Sunday, October 28, 2007

Two Very Hip Chicks

Last night I watched a Quentin Tarantino flick: Death Proof. Loved it! Zoe Bell, real stuntwoman (now actress) and Rosario Dawson, recently on the cover of Bust mag with the brass knuckles, were both great and the movie as a whole was even better.

Rosario Dawson:

And introducing Zoe Bell

I am not here to write a movie critique, but this one is unique. I like the style, the story and I have to say, Kurt Russel is dynamite; his best work. I don't think the movie was well received by the general public, but it's my favorite of Tarantino's since Pulp Fiction.


Ms. Oomi said...

it is thanks to fans like yourself that Zoe's name is getting out there!

come join us?

Joanna Schmidt said...

I wold love to meet her. She has such spirit!