Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Correction: Not "Offbeat", more "Indie"

I recently started a Pretty Women series (not finished yet). Part One was focused on The Top Three Women Of External Beauty. Then Part Two was Pretty Women: More Offbeat. Corrected by my big brained husband, Brad, my 3 choices were not necessarily "offbeat". "Robin Wright Penn?", he asks me. I think about it. I guess I meant more INDIE, more un-spotlighted, more unique in nature. Physically do I think Robin Wright Penn is offbeat? No. But the movies she's been in are less blockbusters and more independent films. My kind of movies. Anyway, so I correct myself and call it Part Two: More Indie.

My hub also noticed that all the women I chose are all blonde and that Debbie Harry looks a lot like Michelle Pfeiffer and Kelly Carlson looks a lot like Marilyn Monroe. Hmmm. OK, there seems to be a beautiful blonde theme in my brain. I guess I could have blonde envy....maybe I'm a blonde wannabe.

Or I could be Jean Harlow reincarnated.

(Isn't that the most beautiful photo of her?)

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Franni said...

OMG. Love that pic of her!!!