Wednesday, October 10, 2007

My Desk Ate My Homework

If I put a picture of my desk for all to see, people would wonder how I get anything done at all. I will tell you that every three or four days my desk is clean, neat and super tidy. What happens? Sometimes I think that it couldn't be me. That if I had an infantile brain, I would surely think that the desk had secret hands that come out in the night and scramble up everything, just to see me struggle in the morning. I should get a video camera.

Note that I type with my arms very close to my side because the only desk space I actually see is between me and the keyboard. No joke. Let me share what I see when I look at my desk.

2 Bars of soap (I review soap on The Soap Bar blog)
A retro clock
Phone, calculator, stapler, hole puncher...blah blah blah
Empty coffee cup
3 piles of bills that need to get paid + bank statements
An inbox that looks to be 2 inches high
3 credit cards (I buy A LOT of supplies for work)
Hair clip
BUST magazine
All those pens I can never find (they are under my piles!)
A dried out, disintegrating flower and seashells (gift from Nina)
A pirate flag?

Oh, it'll just get more boring if I go on. You get the jist.


Donna Maria said...


I feel your pain. I just cleaned my desk off this evening. A few dead flower petals from a bouquet my husband gave me too many days ago, old FedEx slips (that should be in a file), miscellaneous business cards, artistic masterpieces courtesty of my kids, the new telephone operating instructions (which I have yet to read), bottles of essential oils, papers with notes I had to write at the time so I wouldn't forget things -- and now can't even read my own writing on them. You are not alone!


Anne-Marie said...

I feel your pain along with Donna Maria! I feel really guilty that my desk is not clean - I want it to be clean and I want it to be a place where I'm not constantly searching for things. I have moments of genius but they never last. If you find the answer, let me know!