Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Halloween Cupcake Design

You know I am cupcake obsessed. But now it is Halloween and I am loving the creepy confections. Allow me to share the love.

These 2 were created by Wisdom Of The Moon (also and Etsy shop).

This is made by Cake Creations By Lisa in San Francisco.

Ghostly Castle. This is a kid craft....but I think I would have chosen it for a wedding cake. Who is kidding who? Kiddley.com.

Creepy Goodies by Brownie Points Blog. Note the "tissue sample" in the background... :)

Love it! Will someone please mail me some cupcakes? I am so hungry!!

Okay, back to work. The next entry I write will be work related. This is just so much fun!

xoxox -Jo

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juli b said...

Ghostly wedding cake? I love it!