Tuesday, October 2, 2007

Brick + Mortar for Product Body?

'Tis true, folks. We have outgrown our space and need to move to a different location. We are in the process of finding a formulation/office space for Product Body and we will be opening to the public for "fresh that day" buckets of body treats. Oh yeah...

I am so excited! My workspace has become so unmanageable with the amount of orders I have. Space and proper set-up, inventory and storage will make producing far more pleasurable and manageable.

We are close with our decision. At first, I became very seduced by the idea of having a retail location.... setting it up, decorating, greeting people, sharing my products, etc. It got out of hand, really. The point of our search was to continue what we are doing, with more space and exposure. Retail is something we just can not do full time this year, but who is to say we can't strive for that? Retail will only be a small portion for now. I need to focus on the back and growing our business as it stands and expand.

There you have it. I'll be sharing with you the address and photos when they are ready....I am wiggling in my seat with excitement and total fear! Yikes!


Anne-Marie said...

Very cool! Running a retail operation is full of great highs and low lows (normally when rent comes around). Your packaging and branding is so cute though - I know that the shelves will look beautiful!

Joyous said...

Ooooh! Imagine big beautiful terra cotta pots overflowing with layers of lush greenery and flowers, happily greeting your customers before they even walk inside your store!

Stimulate their senses and get the juices flowing and they'll love your product before they see it. Good Luck Joanna.