Monday, September 29, 2008

My Favorite Pot

lovingly used since 1996

Elizabeth of Gracefruit found a heavy cast iron pot she fell in love with and asked her readers to photograph their favorite pots and describe why they like them.

I have a few.

I like my easy going teflon frying pan that is lightweight and really easy to clean. I wish I had a 5 quart sautee pan like that. The one that I can cook anything in, though, is my Le Creuset large stock pot. My husband and I asked for Le Creuset when we were getting married. We got pots, pans and a teapot all in FLAME. Love it. It boils water faster and it cooks everything evenly. The biggest problem I have with the darn stuff is that it is heavier than a three year old and when you are trying to maneuver the thing around and your thumb gets caught in the handle while your turning it...well, it feels like it would be too easy to break my digits.

The other drag about the cast iron is that you can not leave the pots or pans soaking in the sink. They will leave a rust stain. Best thing to do is fill it on the stove and leave it there overnight to soak.

pot of water getting ready to boil and accept my bag of edamame
notice the teapot behind the pan

So what is your favorite pot?


Anonymous said...

Good point about not being able to soak a cast iron pot/pan...that does annoy me no end.

Also a good point about their weight. The chicken fryer we have weighs about 1/3 of my weight, and it about kills me when I try to lift and clean it. :(

Carrie @ Under the Willow said...

An orange heavy pot~ very cool! I'd love to find a light blue cast iron set (probably doesn't exist).

gracefruit said...

Joanna, we have the same set! We have the orange le creuset too. I love them.

Anonymous said...

Hello, Joanna,
I love this topic - thank you.
I'm addicted to housewares!
I love Le Creuset and my favourite pot is similar to the one in your picture, the Multifunction saucepan. Mine is dark blue. I was sorry to learn the multifunction pot has been discontinued. I'm thankful for the one I have and I'm happy to know it is likely to last a lifetime.