Friday, July 4, 2008

Give Credit Where Credit's Deserved

My last post, "A Care PackageTo The Troops" needs an addendum. The brain behind the idea...

Our new intern, Alexandra, has been helping out here at Product Body and doing a great job. She is 14 years old and wanting to learn this bath and body business. (How lucky for us!) They recently moved back to the Tequesta/Jupiter area a couple of weeks ago.... how lucky for us that Alex wants to be involved in our operation?!

Yesterday, I asked her to think of something (promotion, sale, etc.) to highlight Independence Day in some way. She came up with the idea of sending a care package to the troops and then letting our customers have the opportunity to participate with their purchases. All Alex - what an awesome idea!! I have been thinking about the troops for a long while. I get choked up every Sunday when I watch This Week With George Stephanopolis when they run the list of all the fallen soldiers; In Memoriam.

Gives me chills every time.

Thank you, Alexandra for coming up with a great idea and giving me the opportunity to give back to the hard working young men and women who probably would LOVE a shower filled with treats from Product Body.

Smart girl. :)

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Anonymous said...

yay alex. joanna is so lucky to have you around. you are smart, creative and a great help, i hear. luv ya, ddlicious