Thursday, December 20, 2007

A Sweet Note

It makes my day every time I get a letter like this.  They NEVER cease to make me blush.  So if you feel one way or the other, I don't get tired of hearing the feedback, ever!  

I just got my shipment today and I am in love!  I got Pecan Praline, Sweet Mango Vanilla and Yuzu.  I love the Yuzu Crush on You.  My skin already felt like butter when I stepped out of the shower and the scent was so delicious that I hesitated to put on the Cream in Pecan Praline.  I am happy to say that I am just as enchanted with the Cream.  Hours later and my skin is so soft that I keep touching my arm and the scent is so warm and delicious that I am strangely craving some vanilla ice cream with caramel sauce.  I think I have found my Holy Grail body products.  I can't wait to try other scents in the future.  I told my husband about my great find and his response (besides the sigh and "oh great") was "is it expensive?"  And I said that "it's priceless".  He loved that answer.

Thank you so much for working so hard to make such a high quality, good-for-your skin product.  

Kelly G.
Cincinnati, Oh

Kelly, I am so glad you like our products.  We try very hard to make them wonderful.  Anyone who quotes The Holy Grail or attaches me at all to that movie gets published on this blog  ;)


Anne-Marie said...

The Holy Grail of bath products? That's very high praise indeed - great job!

Joanna Schmidt said...

One of my favorite comedies, and, yes, high praise indeed. I was flattered indeed!

haiti joan wiatt said...

what a beautiful note.