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Having A Fabulous Face: DIY Masks

Having A Fabulous Face: Masks and Creams 
(guest blogger, Vicky Zhou)
One of the best ways to improve the condition of your face is to use a combination of 
masks and creams to rejuvenate the skin, restoring moisture that has been lost. 
When it comes to selecting 
masks and creams, you will really want to take into account the type of skin you have, so you can be sure that the mask and cream you choose matches your exact needs.
Often, the types of 
masks and creams you will run into include ones for dry skin, irritated skin, oily skin, regular skin, combination skin, or acne prone skin. 
By selecting one that matches your current skin condition, you will ensure that it provides the greatest improvement to you.
Here are some 
masks and creams that you can make to use when you are really in the mood to pamper yourself. 
Yogurt Face Mask For Sensitive Skin
This is a terrific 
and easy to make mask to use on sensitive skin when you want something that feels both cooling and refreshing. You can alter it to suite other skin types by adding a couple of drops of lemon or lime juice if you have oily skin, or a couple of drops of honey for those with dry skin. 
1 cup natural yogurt
½ cup oatmeal (preferably non-sweetened)
Simply combine the two ingredients together 
and then dab it on to the face. Let sit for about 10-15 minutes and then wash off with a warm washcloth. 
Oily Skin Oatmeal Face Mask
If you are prone to oily skin 
and want a simple to make mask that delivers great results, consider an egg white oatmeal face mask.
½ cup oatmeal 
1 egg white
1 drop of lemon juice. 
Mix the oatmeal 
and the egg white together first, then stir in a tiny amount of lemon juice. Spread this mixture (note that it will be thick) over your skin and let sit for about five minutes.
Once the time is up, simply rinse off by splashing the face with warm water 
and then laying a steamed washcloth on top of the skin for a few minutes. 
Banana Face Mask For Oily Skin
Another great way to treat oily skin is with a banana face mask.
1 ripe banana
1 tbsp honey
lemon or orange juice.
First mash up the banana. Once it's turned into a paste-like consistency, mix in the honey 
and blend until distributed. Finally, stir in the orange or lemon juice and then apply to your face for 15 minutes.  To remove this mask, use a cool washcloth or splash water over the skin. 
Clay Face Mask For Anyone
If you want a generic clay face mask that will improve the condition of your skin, this is it. This mixture will keep for up to an entire month so make a large batch at a time 
and then store it in the fridge until you are ready to use it. Try and apply at least once each week. 
1 ½ tsp green French clay
1 tsp kaolin clay
1 ½ tbsp aloe vera gel
1 tbsp rosewater
2 drops lavender oil
Begin by mixing the clays together first, then add in the remaining ingredients. Spread over your face 
and let sit for about 10 minutes or until dry and skin feels slightly tighter. 
Carrot Face Mask For Oily Skin
If you're looking for a good natural face mask, this one is the perfect fit.
2-3 large carrots
4 ½ tbsp honey
First, cook the carrots so that they are soft enough to mash.  Once you've drained the water, mash them up 
and then mix with honey.  Spread over your face and let sit for about 10 minutes. 
Rinse the face mask off with cool water 
and then follow it up with a thin layer of moisturizing cream.
So, next time you are looking to improve the condition of your skin, give a face mask some consideration.  They are very simple to make if you do not wish to purchase one 
and often use ingredients that you'll typically find in your home pantry or fridge. 

About Guest Blogger: Vicky is a freelance writer, editor, relationship expert, 
and soon to be author.

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