Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Meridian Skin Care (A Review)

I got my hands on the Meridian Acne Therapy System to treat my embarrassing lame acne I seem to have earned as a mother of two and owner of a business.  Yay. I thought it was stress at first, then I realized that I eat a bit of chocolate, in bar, cookie or ice cream form, oh.... every day.  But I eat far less fried food and much less junk in general than I did when I was in High School and in College.

So stress + chocolate = adult acne?  That is a bad joke to play on anyone.  When I am stressed, the LAST thing I need is a honking zit on my chin to make me feel extra special and pretty.

I had an opportunity to have this set and I grabbed it.  I have been using it once a day, as directed, for about 2 weeks.  My skin does look better, but I still am not pimple free. Better, but not all better.  Also, it takes like three weeks just for the redness 0f a historical zit to vanish to begin with.  

I have a couple of small complaints with the set:

1st step is the Gentle Skin Cleanser.  I never feel clean when I wash my face with a cream.  I need bubbles or grit to feel clean.  I never understood how anyone could use Noxema at night. It just made me feel dirtier! That was my issue.  The creaminess of it.

2nd step is the Herbal Clarifier with Tea Tree Oil (aka: toner)  I am not a big fan of the tea tree oil smell, but also, it didn't feel wet enough on my skin when I applied it.  

3rd step is the Rejuvenating Skin Moisturizer.  Not greasy, feels good.  No complaints.  

I will continue to do this treatment until the bottles of magic are empty and I will report again.  Hopefully, I will be zit-free and radiant and looking 21 years old.  ;)


Anne-Marie said...

Ah, yes, I get this too and I have the stress factor in common with you!

I use Glycolic (10% strength) and Retin A about once a week (so five days normal stuff and 2 days hard stuff) and my skin has improved a bunch since I started this a year or so ago.

Joanna Schmidt said...

Name brand of glycolic? Where to purchase this stuff?
Thanks for the tip. I'll do anything for perfect skin!!

kellynicole said...

I have had chronically bad skin for as long as I can remember and I have tried practically every product on the market. I just started using the Dove Exfoliating Facial Cleansing Pillows and my skin is smoother, clearer, and has a glow that it hasn't had forever. I use it every night before bed, and put on Neutrogena Healthy Skin Anti-Wrinkle/Anti-Blemish cream. Good luck!

Joanna Schmidt said...


Thanks for the tips! I will be going to cvs to get some of your charmers. I appreciate the tip. REALLY.

Anonymous said...

I have a batallion of adult acnes and they really piss me of. Ill try out this meridian acne treatment. Thanks for the skin beauty tips !

Anonymous said...

Thanks for some skin beauty tips. It help me a lot.

Gorden said...

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