Monday, December 10, 2007

Some May Say My Work Is Too Much Fun

And some days they'd be right!

I have been having fun playing with some toppings for the small jars of Crush On You we've been making here at Product Body.  

The first one I played around with was the Crush On You in our newest Pecan Praline scent, which to me, smells so much like frosting.  I used Wilton red sugar sprinkles on top and with the sugar cookie batter feel of the Crush, it just took everything I had not to eat it (I think I have mentioned that before).  Well, it's true.

The next one was the lavender Crush On You which got sprinkled with tiny dried lavender buds.  It made them look so so pretty and peaceful.

The last one, which I made today, was Gardenia Crush On You.  They were adorned with anise star pods centered into the mass of sugary washy delight.  This one is my favorite look of the three decorated Crush On You(s).  My mother actually asked me to make small gifts for her friends so I got creative with the stars.

I became inspired by the soaps I have been reviewing so this is the beginning of my topping experiments.   Work was too much fun today!


Cecily R said...

I love the anise stars! I had no idea they were so pretty!

Anne-Marie said...

So cute! I am loving your creativity.

Anonymous said...

thank you for sharing your beautiful creams with my group. you are precious. love, mom

Joanna Schmidt said...

Mom, Anything for you. Anything!

Candice said...

Wow!!! Those are all so adorable, I am loving them!