Saturday, July 28, 2007

Rose and Radish

A Soft Wall?

I found this cute online store Rose And Radish that has some really unique gifts you might want to check out. This is one of them, although not really a gift item because the price is $2,000. The Molo Design Softwall is designed by Stephanie Forsythe and Todd MacAllen and is totally unique. The description under the photo says, "400 layers of honeycombed translucent white, fire-retardant paper, bounded by natural grey wool felt ends." It is 6 feet tall! I have to say that if I lived in that gorgeous loft in the city with enormous windows, I'd purchase this.

You can see Molo Design creatins at their website They are a design company based in Vancouver, Canada and "they are dedicated to research and exploration of space making". I think it is neat. It is so inspiring to see new and creative ways to create space and evoke emotions from spaces.

As I say that, I look around my desk at the incredibly messy work area. The desk is piled high with papers to file, the "To Do" box is brimming and my research and development corner of the desk has butters in little jars, herbs in bags, oils in glass bottles. My coffee cup sits in the only spot you can see the actual table. I guess space design is not my strong suit... :)

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