Wednesday, July 4, 2007

Morgan: A Dear Customer Of Mine

This is a series of blog postings on Beauty Buys Blog - unfortunately her last posting was on January 30th of this year. Hopefully she'll begin her blogging again soon. She is a very sweet person - I share with you her experiences (I have quoted in chronological order-reverse of blog form so you can read it in the sequence she wrote them):

Jan. 12, 2007
Lust, Love, Or A Crush On You
"I heard about this Product line 'Product Body' through a co-worker of mine who found it on a beauty blog. She was raving about the products, their scent, and how well they worked, so of course me being the product junkie I am I decided to take a try. So I went on their website and ordered their Whipped Shea Butter in Yuzu scent. I received the product, and instantly opened it. The scent was so fresh and citrusy and almost immediately i had wished I could have taken a butter knife and spread it all over my body. It doesn't leave your skin feeling greasy, but it leaves it fresh and moisturized! So then i looked in the box and realized they had also sent me a small sample of this Crush on You Sugar Shea Scrub in Pink Grapefruit scent. I had left it on my dresser waiting for the right time to try it, I mean the jar is so small I didn't want to just waste it. Then I ordered another product, their Mama Bomb, in Citrus Butter, which by the way is excellent for stretch marks, for before, during or after pregnancy, etc. And again in the box was another sample of this crush on you, this time in the same yuzu scent i had my shea butter in.

So 2 nights ago i decided to try it while in the shower. Just to test the product I tried it on my hands. The sugar melts into your skin while exfoliating, it was wonderful, and then when I was done I wiped my hands, probably out of shear force of habit, as not to feel greasy (which this product does not make you feel at all) and I really didn't feel any different, I wondered what the whole hype was about. I mean I had used scrubs before, and never liked the greasy feeling, but as far as exfoliation, it didn't feel any different. The next morning i woke up and felt a huge difference in the way my skin felt. It was insane to think that it actually worked even though immediately after I didn't notice. Then the real answer about Crush on You came. I was at my boyfriends house last night, and while watching my favorite TV show, I started to rub on his chest a little, and he kind of jumped up and said to me "Oh my G-d, your hands are so soft!" Now my boyfriend (like most men) is not the most observant, and he actually noticed, that's when I knew this was the best scrub I had ever used! I love it, and I can't wait to get the large jar; in every scent!"

Jan. 18, 2007
"Ok so I am taking back my comment about Crush on you by Product Body! No, not in a bad way, I am talking about in a good way. I had said that immediately afterwards I really didn't notice a difference in the sugar shea scrub, but after speaking with Joanna and doing some heavy duty cleaning I decided to go for another review. Last Sunday I spent the day cleaning. First it was washing 3 cars. The doing dishes, cleaning the house, etc. Well after using all the different products to clean with my hands felt horrible. I now felt like they were made out of sand paper! So immediately I went and grabbed the sample bottle I still had of the crush on you, put some in the palm of my hand and began 'exfoliating'. When you talk about dramatic, this was it, in the context of the change in my hands before use of this product, and after. I love it!!!! This product doesn't deserve my review before! It deserves more. So if you are ever in dire need of some exfoliation, this is the product you should turn to."

Jan. 30, 2007
"I know that recently I have been writing a lot about a company named Product Body, but for any of you that have tried it, you know why. The first product I experienced was the double whipped shea butter, then the samples of crush on you, and now finally I have found my purpose for their Mama Bomb. I love it! But it's not just because it gets rid of those nasty little stretch marks, it's because of a deeper, more personal reason. Now I have a disease that is not too pretty, and certainly does not make you feel to pretty. Genetically, all my appocrine sweat glands are infected. And when I say all, i mean ALL. any where there is one I get these break outs. They come from the onset of stress, or eating unhealthy, etc. Well like I said it's not too pretty. the other day i began to get an outbreak, and when a break out occurs it leaves nasty scars, so I figured what I would do is use the mama bomb to kinda tone down the scarring (they are unbearably hideous). So I applied the mama bomb to the affected areas, and went to sleep. I hadn't really noticed them the next day, but two days later I looked at the area, and they were almost gone, healed, and with almost no scarring! That to me is a miracle, cuz these breakouts usually last weeks! I love this stuff, it is perfect to keep handy for cuts and scrapes you don't want scaring, or maybe a little moisture boost, but to me, it is perfect all around!!!!"

To Morgan, thank you so much for your kind words! I hope you are well and feeling good!!
Love, Joanna

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Anne-Marie said...

Who knew that the Mama Bomb would help with scars? Sheesh. I wonder if you can somehow market it as a scar-helping treatment? Probably not without getting into hot water with the FDA but still, great anecdotal note.