Saturday, October 22, 2011

News From The Lab

We have some new things happening and some trusty old items that are returning so I am writing this quick post to let you know what's going on in the lab.  I am pleased to announce that we will be releasing some new decadent products beginning on Halloween.  Here are a few items that will be released and nicely priced:

  • Dead Sea Salt Soak 
  • Oatmeal, Sea Salt + Coconut Milk Soak
  • Fizzy Milk Bath

Mama Bomb will also be returning to all of those who have been waiting for the weather to break, it finally has in Florida, and we are confident that shipping balms won't be a melty mess.  Yay for the cooler season... well, at least on this side of the planet.  ;)

There are a few products we've added to our Etsy shop that we've made available so go take a peek if you're interested in these things:  Our newest Drunken Pumpkin Goat Milk soap made with real pumpkin (3.5 - 4 oz bars).  We also have Wasabi green Crush On You in 5.5 oz. size, Sexy Butts small Sexy Laundry Day soaps, Fresh Linen Blue soaps at a discounted price.  Also, some items are on sale that have been discontinued or are imperfect.

That's the news for today.  More later......

xo  Joanna

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