Friday, October 14, 2011

Discontinuing Soaps and Updates

Hey all.

We have decided that we would like to offer a couple of new scents but need to weed out some oldies but goodies before we can.

We have the entire soap list here which lists all soaps, whether they are in stock or out and when curing ones may be due.  This list is available to you all the time if you look right under the PRODUCT BODY header on the left, you will see top links.  Home, then Soap Cure Dates.  There is also a soap picture on the right side bar that says, "What Soaps Are On The Curing Rack?"  Either of these links bring you to the same page.

As of today, we are discontinuing certain soaps:

  • Thai Sticky Rice is a fave of ours and for a number of you, but it will be discontinued once the soaps that remain are sold (we have about 12 left as of today).  
  • Tea Flower was discontinued. sold out.
  • Blue Agave Nectar was a Limited Edition and once they are sold, we won't be returning it. (Etsy only).
  • Mar Bar will be discontinued.  Fat Boy is a great replacement for Mar Bar, folks.
  • Fresh Linen Everyday bars will be retired once the soaps that remain are sold.
  • Pineapple Icee Everyday bars will be retired once the soaps that remain are sold.

We are considering dropping Ruby Rock Star from our entire line, but we may get some resistance.  If you love it and can't live without it, please email me.

Creme Fresh is BACK!  We apologize to all of you who have been waiting.  At the moment, we are offering it in Lemon Scone, Sexy Laundry Day and unscented - - for now.  New scents will be added soon.

Mama Bomb is coming back on November 1st and we are in the middle of preparing some awesome winter elixirs, so keep it here to find out more....

xo Joanna



alyssa said...

Is the Thai Sticky Rice discontinued also in the Crush On You?

obagi philippines said...

Interesting soap I really wanted to try this and let me see how it works to me.


TeresaR said...

I beg you, please don't discontinue Ruby Rock anything...but especially soap! ;) Seriously!

Sarah said...

Oh no! Thai Sticky Rice is the love of my life! I'll manage somehow lol - I'm really excited about the upcoming stuff! I got my package, it should get me through the winter. Hooray! <3