Monday, February 28, 2011

Valentine's Fragrances Are Gone...well...

Cathexis... the dark chocolate rose..
Enchant... frangipani with citrus and lemongrass..

Cathexis will return next year. Enchant won't be returning, though. Perhaps it was too perky and girly for Valentine's Day. The darker, more mysterious scents were the big sellers.

In fact, I got "suggestions" in my email inbox explaining how Lair needed to stay as a permanent perfume oil or they would die. Now, I can't have my customers dying on me, and there are many who claimed they would wither away without it, so, we have decided to add Lair to our permanent collection.

You can thank the drama queens.



xoxo Joanna



Meghan said...

Yes, happy, now when is it going to be in a scrub? :p

Joanna said...

I'll think about it...

Teresa said...

I am damned near intoxicated just READING about these luscious lovelies!