Saturday, March 5, 2011

Poison Apple & Other News

Poison Apple will be removed from our fragrance selections and perfume oils until its return in the Fall of 2011. Spring is springing and we need to make room for fresh scents that we have in store for you. If you want to get a hold of any Poison Apple perfume oils, now would be the time, because starting on Wednesday, Poison Apple will be tucked away until Summer disappears.

I also will be tucking away Salt Snow until next Fall. I have 2 in Black Pumpkin and 2 in Poison Apple that I want to sell quickly, so only on ETSY, they are on clearance if you want them.

However... Poison Apple soap just finished curing, and that will be at the regular price. I just posted those online at Product Body AND the etsy shop.

Out with apples for now. :)


Teresa said...

You Temptress!

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Artisan Soaps said...

lol see this is the trouble being in a different hemisphere - both Poison Apple & Black pumpkin sound divine!