Thursday, February 24, 2011

Coming Soon/Leaving Soon - - Hear All About it!

Seasonal Fragrances and Products that will be dropped until next Fall and new Spring fragrances will be taking their place this March.

Scents we will be dropping:

Black Pumpkin
Poison Apple
Lair (this is being debated because of all of the pleading we have received from our happy customers who want us to keep this in our permanent line)

Products we will be dropping that are seasonal:

Salt snow
- we currently have it available in Black Pumpkin and Poison Apple


I am working on some fantastic perfume oils I think will knock you over, but they will not be ready for production for a couple more weeks so bear with us. Testing is not complete and we want it just right for our smell connoisseurs.

Please always remember you can always contact us for any information.

Don't forget, there are 2 locations you can shop for our products:


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