Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Valentine's Perfume Trio

Lair, Enchant and Cathexis.

As promised, the Limited Edition Valentine's Day perfumes were added to our website yesterday. They are completely different from each other and from anything I have made yet.

I am super excited to bring you ....

: Smoky sandalwood, crushed black tea, vanilla drops, cloves, and smoke. This one is sexy and dark. Imagine standing in a cabin in the woods. You've just showered, there's with a freshly lit fire, and you're warming yourself by the crackling flames. A breeze carries the almost imperceptible scent of distant flowers through the window...

Enchant: Frangipani, the tropical flower that smells so sweet and delicate, mixed with orange and lemongrass. Opening notes are citrus, but as moments pass the frangipani begins to emerge. After a half hour or so, the perfume is at full bloom and smells fresh and clean; it truly is enchanting.

: The delicate scent of the baby roses, so soft and sweet, drizzled with dark chocolate and hot tea spilled on an old cedar table. A take on roses and chocolate that starts innocent, it becomes more lustful than sweet with time on your skin as the rose becomes more prominent.

They are $10 each and $25 as a set.

Go take a look!

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