Saturday, January 29, 2011

A Surprise MakeUp Alley Review

Jen at MakeUp Alley wrote this great review and posted it on MakeUp Alley and on Flickr.
Thank you Jen!!

I ordered three Sugar Shea Scrubby Washes from Product Body at Etsy, and she included a perfume oil sample in my box. Here is my review as promised! First the TAT was amazing. She makes each product when its ordered and promised a 3 day turn around. She shipped my order in less than a day. She packed all my items with care inside a sturdy box and surrounded them in soft colorful tissue papers. The box was sealed securely, my items arrived safe and in perfect condition. :) As I opened the box, I first spotted a sample of her brand new limited edition Valentine's perfume oil in Lair. She describes it so accurately on her website, I'll quote her instead of searching for my own words: "Smoky sandalwood, crushed black tea, vanilla drops, cloves, and smoke. This one is sexy and dark. Imagine standing in a cabin in the woods. You've just showered, there's with a freshly lit fire, and you're warming yourself by the crackling flames. A breeze carries the almost imperceptible scent of distant flowers through the window... " I absolutely cannot wait to shower and use this perfume oil. If its as good on me as it is in the container, she may get another order from me. :) And now the Crush on You Sugar Shea Scrubby Washes! I've only tried one with a hand washing, so this is my first impression of the product. The containers are so cute! They each have a scent label on the top for easy ID, they're clear so I can see how much product is left at a glance, the ingredients are written clearly on the label, and they are packed to the top with product. The scrub is not greasy/oily at all and well, it feels kind of like sugar cookie dough! It holds shape when moved around in the jar and is really densely packed, yet loose enough to get some out easily. When I add water to the scoop in my hands and rub it around it turns creamy/milky like. The sugar granules and creaminess feels wonderful on my hands. After rinsing and drying, my hands feel soft, clean and smell great! The scent I tried is Mazu, its a little strong in the jar but softly scented on the skin. If I lift my hands toward my face and breathe in, I can smell it pretty well. I don't think it would interfere with perfumes or lotions. I took a photo here so you can see what I mean about its consistency. I tried my best to capture it. :)

Her scent descriptions are great, so here they are and my comments in parenthesis: Mazu - Coconut milk, lemongrass, blackened vanilla, crushed Indonesian lime leaves, smoky clove, a whisper of jasmine and a tiny hint of dark musk. (I definitely get the coconut, lemongrass, lime leaves smoky clove, blackened vanilla and musk. I am not picking up the jasmine) Ginger Milk Tea - Hot blended tea infused with nutmeg, cloves and vanilla topped with frothy sweet ginger milk.(Definitely getting all these scents with this one. Its not real strong in the jar, so this one may be difficult to smell on the skin if it follows how Mazu was) Raspberry Linzer Cookie - Raspberry Linzer Cookie smells just like that cookie! (I have never had a Linzer cookie, but now I have to. I'm actually running an errand in a bit after this post and plan on looking for some of these. It smells like heaven. A Buttery baked cookie with the brightness of Raspberry Jam and the sweetnes of sugar sprinkles on top, keep the spoons away from me, it smells good enough to eat!) Overall I am completely impressed with the TAT, CS, Scents, Products, and the generous sample I received. I am definitely planning another order as soon as I "use it up!"

Here is the link to the actual review: When I went, I had to register, I'm not sure why...
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Jen said...

Thanks for posting my review, its the least I could do for such wonder products and service!

I hope that you'll visit and post at make up alley some, I'd love to see you there! The registration is to protect from scammers, ebay scalpers, and spammers. ;)

Teresa said...

Congrats, Jo!
I read Makeup Alley a lot!
Way to go!

Faye said...

This a great review. I find this informative. I enjoy reading.