Sunday, January 23, 2011

Soaps That Are Currently Curing

ginger milk tea loaf

Mighty Mahogany (Jan 30) - limited edition soap
Ginger Milk Tea (Feb 5) - limited edition soap. We are almost out of this discontinued fragrance oil:(
Fruit Smoothie (Feb 5) - limited edition soap

Tea Party (Feb 7) - newest addition to our line!

Cocoa Java (Feb 10)
Raspberry Linzer Cookies (Feb 10)
Sexy Laundry Day (Feb 20)

*Brown Sugar & Fig Salt soap muffins (Jan 30)*
*Soap Hearts in Black Vetiver (Jan 30)*
*Mini Soap Hearts in Yuzu (Jan 30)*

I have more on my list every day. I will create a permanent cure list and let you know where I keep it so you can keep up with it. I'd love to know if there once was a soap that I used to make that perhaps I have forgotten about.


Ones marked with an * will be offered on our etsy shop only because they are in small quantities and will go quickly.

6 comments: said...

Mmmmmm, Mighty Mahogany sounds DIVINE!!

Patrice-The Soap Seduction said...

Well aren't you little Miss Bizzy!

I'm curious about Mighty Mahogany myself! And don't you hate it when a good fragrance is discontinued??

Angie said...

hello i love your blog
and your products looks amazing pls check out my blog

Teresa said...

Looking forward to these, Jo.
What does the Mahogany smell like.
I liked Ginger Milk too... :(
Do you have any of that fab emu soap left?
Angel Soap

Teresa said...

Oops - I found the emu soap and grabbed it!
Thanks, Jo!

Joanna said...

Mighty Mahogany will be a limited edition. It is BB's Spiced Mahogany FO: "This deep, rich woody scent has notes of Italian Bergamot, Apple Wood and Tonka Bean to round out the darker, more sensuous Patchouli, Cedarwood, and Oakmoss. To keep this fragrance from smelling like a freshly cut wood floor, we've added spices of Cardamom, Vanilla Bourbon and allspice."