Wednesday, September 1, 2010

New Perfume Oil Bottles

For now, we are just trying these awesome new perfume bottles out with our new fragrance, Poison Apple. (Update: After many email pleas, we have decided to offer these in all of the scents we offer... See? We do listen!!) They are adorable standing short at 2 ml, twice the size of our mini vials. They are different because they have a phenolic screw-on top, they don't leak and they are way better than the tiny vials. Why? ... you ask? Because, I don't know about you, but every time I try to open one of those vials, I feel like the whole thing might separate and fly out of my hand. Could be I am just a clutz. I've been known to walk into street signs and the occasional wall. That aside, because that is really not the point here, the glass vials have those flexible stoppers and those get me in trouble. It's like they don't like me.

These shortie bottles are now available on Etsy (we like to start there), we are selling 2 ml glass jars of Poison Apple perfume oil in my etsy shop for only $5. If people show interest, we'll start to sell other perfumes in these bottles. (now we do in the etsy shop)

ps: The Poison Apple fragrance does not last all day. But it is heaven and totally worth five bucks to wear it. It will make you want to wear black and paint your nails dark red.

See how cute?

VEGAN, and cruelty free of course!


Kim said...
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Kim said...

It is super cute! I do love my little SLD perfume though. I've decided that it's "my" scent. Gotta go put on some SLD Creme Fresh now... :)

Dreaming Tree Soapworks said...

I love, love this idea and I must get some...which all the scents where available in this. It's not you with those little sampely vial things I think its everyone...more than one occasion I've ended up with the whole thing on me! $5 is a totally awesomely fair price!

Anonymous said...

I also know what you mean about those vials, but I have to say I like the wands built into the tops because I can run that through my hair and scent it lightly. :)

These are very, very cute, though, yes.

Scar said...

They're really cute! I love them!

Debbra - Stencils said...

I've recently discovered your blog here, and wish I would have stumbled upon it much sooner! It's now and my

list, and I'll be back to read more very soon.

Blogged said...

These bottles are looking so cute and after reading your post i have ti think about changing my perfume.