Sunday, September 19, 2010

Lounge Perfume Oil

Lounge is our newest perfume oil that smells like a warm and comforting combination of worn in leather, amber, sandalwood and vetiver, an essential oil that smells woody and smoky. When I smell it on my skin and close my eyes, I feel like I'm in a warmly lit lounge with large leather chairs, antique furniture, giant crystal chandeliers, paintings, candles and creaky wood floors.

Thank you for waiting. It was worth it.

Lounge is finally available at our Etsy shop in our 2 ml glass shortie vials and in either of our sample perfume sets: Set of two 1 ml vials and set of four 1ml vials.

our 2 ml shorties

Set of two 1 ml vials

set of four 1ml vials

Lounge will be available in 4ml glass bottles shortly once the label design is complete. The reason I didn't wait was because my customers (YOU) were chomping at the bit so I give you a taste while you wait.

always vegan

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