Thursday, April 1, 2010

Faery's Muse Is Having A Big Sale

I want you to know that Faery's Muse, my newest wholesale customer that I was so thrilled about is closing her bath and body site.  Waaaaaah!

The good news for you is that my Sugarfoot sugar scrubs are marked down from $18.00 to $12.60 and will never be that price ever again on her site or my site.  If you have wanted to try them or know them and love them and need to restock, this is your only chance to get them at this price, because I can't beat that price, never EVER.  Her website will close on April 26th forever.

Sugarfoot glam shot
don'tcha want to rub that all over your body???  
My husband uses it for a pre-shave scrub (he has quite a harsh scruffy face)!

Here is the link to the Ruby Red Grapefruit scent and here is the link to the Cookie scent.  Nom nom...

There are a lot of other things on sale there so take a look around!



Anonymous said...
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Body Lotions said...

That looks so lovely! I do want to rub it on