Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Creme Fresh - Ruby Red Grapefruit Wins!

Ruby Red Grapefruit wins!   When we introduced our Sugarfoot sugar scrub, we only had it available in Ruby Red Grapefruit or Cookie (not your typical foot scrub scents).  Then we introduced our shea butter soap bar, Ruby Red Rock Star, which, to this day, is our best selling soap...one bar left and then 2 loaves curing and will be ready in 2 weeks, sorry!

Now, Creme Fresh needed a Spring face lift, because Sexy Laundry Day scent has to remain a constant or I'd have lit torches and mobs come after me, but Ginger Milk Tea is warm and spicy, more Fall and wintry scent and we needed to crank it up a notch for the light and airy Spring that's here and making us all giddy.

We won't be offering it until mid May, but stay updated!  Keep following us here and get the news so you can get your juicy Creme right here.

And thank you for your votes in the poll.  It makes a difference, see?

xo J.


edigo said...

loooove ruby red grapefruit. It's so tart and sweet at the same time. Definetly a spring summer scent. Good choice !

Sarah said...

Wee! I'm so excited! Will you by any chance be making a Ruby Red Crush on You too?

Andrew said...
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