Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Dark Chocolate Almond Shea Butter - Drizzle It

(Please do not steal this photo. If you want to use it for some reason, please ask permission. Thank you.)

We have made Dark Chocolate Almond Whipped Shea Butter that is TO DIE FOR, ohmygoshyouhavetograbonebeforetheyareallgone! Yes. I spell checked. It IS in the Webster dictionary under Joanna's slang.

I have a wonderful tip for shea butter that one of our spas shared with me. She buys our shea in bulk and for massages, they melt and drizzle it on their clients. Can you imagine a warm drizzle of dark chocolate almond shea oil and a rub to match?

Oh, heaven. Can I have some whipped cream, a strawberry and some champagne with that?!

In case you don't know where to go, let me help you ;) Product Body


Epicure68 said...

The idea of a whipped cream/strawberry/champagne whipped butter sounds divine. Luckily for hubby, I don't think you sell into Canada yet, right? Otherwise, we'd be broke.

Anonymous said...

And luckily for my dh I don't like massages or we'd be broke.

I just realized it takes me about 3.5 weeks to finish a jar of your Whipped Shea Butter in the winter. By the time Spring rolls around, I would have used up 4 jars. Holy moly. I'm starting on the Sweet Vanilla Mango tomorrow (finishing up Sexy Laundry Day today).

Joanna said...

Yes, we ship to Canada.... I just don't from my Etsy shop :)

Carol said...

A drizzle of chocolate shea butter...?If I melt it, do you think hubby would do the massage? Ah, probably not...one can only dream. :)

Mary @ Annie's Goat Hill said...

Oh my, makes me want to go heat up some shea butter right now...mmm...chocolate. I could use a good massage. We don't do the massages either though.

And, on your prior post, it is a very good thing the peanut butter cups were not a part of the recall! They are a must have when travelling out and about. :)

Dawn said...

The shea butter sounds really yummy! However, the thing that I'm really DYING to have is the cream. PLEASE put the cream back on the webby for online orders! Alternatively, how many tubs do you need to count as wholesale? My friends and I are so addicted to the cream that we could quite conceivably be wholesale buyers. Thank you in advance!