Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Figgy Pudding

We have a holiday gift set now available called FIGGY PUDDING which I think will knock your socks off! It is holiday based, so be aware all of the scents are geared that way.

We’ve formulated a limited edition two-tone version of Crush On You, combined it with 3 new products in complimentary seasonal scents, and put them in a lovely box complete with ribbon and our new “Handmade Fresh” seals. Priced at only $29, each gift set includes:

New Product: Crème Fresh. A 4 ounce jar of our latest moisturizing body cream. It’s an incredibly rich and powerful blend of aloe vera, shea and cocoa butters, and sunflower oil. No parabens, no petroleum products, 99% natural, 100% amazing. Offered in sweet lemon pie.

New Product: Soap! Thanks to the wonderful response from our product testers, we’re making our handmade soap available to everyone. This graham cracker-scented delight is hand cut one bar at a time, lathers beautifully, and smells amazing.

New Product: Fizzy Bath Sea Salts. A combination of our popular bath bombs (in powder form) and delightful sea salts. The fizziness explodes with scent while the salts slowly dissolve, leaving you soft and smelling great. Comes in a pouch, offered in pumpkin mélange.

Special Edition: Crush On You. formulated in a limited edition two-tone (colored using natural cinnamon) version. Offered in apple crisp, this version is warm, playful, and available ONLY in the Figgy Pudding Gift Set.

The entire set is gift wrapped in a beautiful, simple white glossy box and tied with a ribbon.

We aggressively priced this gift set so it would fit into the budget more than higher ticket items. If you are interested in a larger gift, you can email me and we can set something up for you. :o)

The Figgy Pudding Sets are being shipped beginning on Monday, so if you order one, be patient. Soaps are almost ready. Check it out at Product Body!


egassner said...

Yay!! Sounds yummy!

Jessica said...

Ordered mine already! :)

miss susanna said...

exciting, exciting!

Suds to Love said...

They all sound delightfully scrumptious! Now I'm hungry...

Angel (I love rice moisturizer) Rice said...

Rice moisturizer is one natural moisturizers it helps protect the skin from being damaged by UVA and UVB which are the cause of melasma, freckle, and skin cancer. Because it has plentiful minerals, unsaturated fatty acid and vitamins especially the natural vitamin E which is in high quantity as Tocols (Tocopherol & Tocotrienol), Gamma-Qryzanol and Ceramide.

Jessica said...

Just got this in the mail and ran to the bathroom at work to try them all. They all smell WONDERFUL...I think hands down my favorite is the apple crisp Crush on You. It's sharp and cinnamony- not super sweet and appley, which is nice. The creme fraiche is surprisingly thick! It's going to be a great after shaving moisturizer. I love it all. Thanks so much!