Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Apple Crisp Whipped Shea Butter

Oh, let me tempt you just a little.

My cousin explained to me why she hates foodie smells. She said to me, " Jo, why do I want to smell like food when I already feel fat? So men can look at me, take a whif and decide that I eat too much and rub it all over my body, too?? No thanks."

I guess that's a good point though I don't think she's fat nor do I think guys are thinking she's rubbing pie on her body because she's run out of Chanel # whatever. I don't feel that way about food scents. Food smells, if they are high quality fragrances, can be divine and can bring me RIGHT down memory lane.

I had a wholesale customer ask me to make Whipped Shea Butter in Apple Crisp fragrance for pedicure and leg massages in her shop in Maine. I have extra, so I have listed them on the Product Body website if you are interested. I put some on and wished it wasn't 78 degrees today. I wanted to buy some mulling spices and sit in front of a fire instead.

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Living Sexy Now said...

For the most part I love the "foodie" scents as well. Fruit ones for the summer and the spicier ones for fall and winter. It's been a while since I've made a batch of anything but I think you've inspired me to get out my supplies again. :)