Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Unexpected Feedback Lately

Product Body gets feedback on products quite a bit, but in the last week, we have been getting some unusual feedback about some things our products have been up to. Who knew?

My sis has been using Mama Bomb on her baby son. He got "Fifth Disease" at a young age, and it turned his skin into something akin to a lizard, so we've been trying to remedy it with Mama Bomb. So far, it's worked better than anything else.
-Gena P., Studio City, CA

10/25/08 (Crush On You) Amazing product! I have spent soooooooooooo much money on Rx products, and over the counter products for the twins and never had the results I see now! The girls have so many skin and allergies it isn't even funny. I wish I would have ordered from you sooner.
-Kit D., Wellington, FL

10/28/08 - The crush on you, it's amazing! I used to have bumps on my arms from ingrown hairs and no more since I've been using it! Yay! ;o)
- Jessica P., Seattle, WA

It is always good to hear positive feedback, but it's particularly interesting to me when people tell us a new use for the products AND have it work wonders. Love that.


Anonymous said...

Makes for a good week and makes it all worthwhile, doesn't it? Yay, Jo!

Carrie @ Under the Willow said...

Hey~ I LOVE Crush on You in the kitchen-right next to the sink~ SUPER treat for hands always being washed :)

Joanna said...

Yes, CG, I have it at my kitchen sink ALWAYS. No matter what "stink" I get on my hands, I can scrub it off with the stuff.

Kim said...

Awesome feedback, Joanna - it must feel really good to get it out of the blue :)

Epicure68 said...

What great comments (and ideas). I've been hoarding what Teresa R has given me but decided to treat myself to a full on Crush on You scrub today and boy do I feel good after doing so, and I smell nice too. I'll have to tell my friends with young kids about it in case they're having skin problems.