Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Finslippy Challenge

I read is Finslippy written by Alice Bradley just about every day. I really like her writing because she has a perspective on life that is raw and it feels like she is describing my life so much of the time it's weird. I also wish I had even half the talent. Alice is a professional writer and has contributed to the books "Things I Learned About My Dad (in Therapy)" and "Sleep is for the Weak."

Right now, Alice is having a challenge on her blog. She explains it here:

Donors Choose is an incredible organization that matches teachers in high-needs schools with people who are willing to give. Teachers register with the site and describe what projects they need sponsored, and donors can pick and choose which projects they want to help fund. So the Blogger Challenge is just a bunch of us bloggers competing over who can raise the most money. If I win the Blogger Challenge, I will reenact Pat Benatar's video "Love is a Battlefield" in its entirety. Because I am dimly aware that this challenge is about helping teachers in need, and my desire to WIN WIN WIN or your desire to see me shimmying and gyrating in a torn dress and too much eyeliner.

Product Body is offering a FIGGY PUDDING gift box (not yet available to the public!!) over at Finslippy as a give away to a random donor this week. I am honored to be a part of this effort, even if it's just a small donation. I urge you to go help, even if it's just five dollars. If you haven't checked out Finslippy before, you should, but you might get hooked.

And if she wins, we get to see her do Pat Benatar. We need a little comic relief from all this political fog, don't we?

We are strong...

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Anonymous said...

I remember reading about this project somewhere. You're sweet to donate a gift box to the cause!