Friday, April 20, 2007

Finding Reps Is A Process

Here we are having established a brand and worked unbelievably hard to get here. I will be looking for people to rep the company and do outside sales. I guess that is a true release of control, not having the the company's reputation fully in my hands. Will they make people excited and comfortable to try our products? Will they understand the products enough to speak intelligently about the results? Will they smell good, look good, seem trustworthy and likeable? I generally don't like to be approached by people who want to sell me stuff, but in business I know this is crucial for it to continue and thrive. We are bootstrapped and young and ready to expand.

So how does one find people they want to represent the company, me, the brand? I suppose releasing control little by little is the only way to truly succeed. I am open to hear from you. Any insight?

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