Thursday, August 30, 2012

Lime In The Coconut AND Graham Cracker Crust

Wow... I made a soap batch today with my new expressed lime essential oil and graham cracker crust scent and it came out beautifully!

I am so excited to make this new fave of ours available for you in 4 weeks.  I leave you with a photo of the soap, just poured and will update this post when I have cut pictures.

I know it doesn't REALLY seem like this is a holiday-type soap, but beware, your mouth will water and your Fall energy shall co-exist with this soap.  It makes me happy....and hungry!

Packed with coconut milk, white clay and vanilla bean powder...and of course a little gold fairy dust for good measure.  Noms!

* update!:  Our new Lime Smash All Natural Handmade Soap is now available!


Anne-Marie said...

Wow! Love this soap! And the glitter against the green just makes it pop. =)

Michelle Somers said...

It looks neat and I like the peaks on top. The scent sounds great too.


TeresaR said...

Mmm-mmmm! Looks scrumptious! All your stuff makes my mouth water though. For example, I want to sing praises for your Chef Scrub from the rooftops. Gawd that stuff is so good! And your soaps...oh, I try out other people's soaps, but most of the time, those just make me think, "Jo makes the best CP soaps!"

*mwah* Keep well, luv!

Natalia said...

I am in love with these top peaks and the colour is just .. absolute!!!