Wednesday, August 1, 2012

A Little Chef's Scrub

I have only found one thing that our Crush On You (or Chef's Scrub specifically), doesn't kill.  Scents and oily messes, that is.  I have taken off fish, garlic, onions, cray-paas, olive oil, glue, name it, our sugar scrub will remove it.

Except one thing.


You ask how I know this??  Well, I was at the dog park a few weeks ago and a giant mastiff got sprayed in the face and the owner asked me to smell his face and confirm that she was sprayed.  Well, the dog got excited when I put my face near hers and she lunged happily towards me.  My right hand stopped her from kissing my face, luckily, but my right hand had skunk oil on it for HOURS.

I tried Chef's Scrub Sugar Scrub and it worked better than I thought it would.  I've heard tomato juice, tomatoes, etc.... not coffee, lemon, 1,2 punch for everything stinky.  That skunk just wreaked beyond Adam.

So perhaps a tomato basil blend is in store here at Product Body to deal with those pesky skunks.

What's your favorite Crush On You and what was the toughest thing it's helped you with (smell or texture-wise)?


Erin Kennedy said...

I don't have one, but after reading this blog, I am thinking I need to find a favorite. Also, the tomato basil sounds awesome for more than just post skunk.


Product Bangladesh said...

This hand scrub product is really helpful to wash out the dirt, i know about this product luckily!