Friday, January 27, 2012

A Farewell To Creme Fresh + New Surprises On The Horizon

As our soap business continues to expand, we've had to make tough decisions about where to focus our energies.  So, in order to deliver the very best handmade products we can, we'll be dropping products that don't fit our future goals.

Unfortunately for fans of Creme Fresh, it is one of those products.

Manufacturing Creme Fresh poses a completely different set of hurdles than do the rest of our products, and splitting our attention isn't in the best interest of our customers or the business itself.

Soap.  Crush On You.  Perfume.

Focusing on this core group will enable us to continue to do what we do best: create and deliver unique and nourishing handmade products. No decisions have yet been reached on Mama Bomb and Bath Steeps (though it's likely Mama Bomb will remain in our line) and we are soliciting opinions on both - see our upcoming post on Bath Steeps to learn more. But it's a fond farewell to Creme Fresh as we start a new chapter in the Product Body + Absolute Soap story. 

To Creme Fresh fans:  we know some of you will miss Creme Fresh, but we're confident that the surprises that we've got planned for the coming year will help heal the pain.

To all customers, long-time and new:  thank you so much for your support as we have continued to mature and grow over the last eight years. You have, and continue to, put your faith in us to deliver the highest quality handmade products on the market.

We will not let you down.

Joanna and Brad
Co-owners and Co-founders


Joanna Schmidt said...

I had to re-write the post to clarify some things and I changed the title... I lost the comment that was left. If you are the person who left, it, understand that this was an accident!


twobloomsdesignstudio said...

Sounds like you have some great new products for the future. It is always hard when you have to trim down your line.


Sarah said...

I am a customer for life! <3

robert said...
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Herbalife tea said...

This is such a great business here. I would love to try this for my shop as well.