Thursday, December 8, 2011

Gift Sets Are Now Available!

Just wanted to let you know that our gift sets are up and our shipping is very straightforward:

If you order anything from us by midnight on December 16th, your order will ship by the 19th ensuring that your package will arrive before Christmas Day. if you live in the contiguous Untied States.

So shop away!

Here's a photo of the new sets that are available:

Holiday Gifts Sets 2011

 We also have redesigned our website a bit (thanks, Brad!) and have some new items listed there as well which we are very proud to offer. We have a limited supply as things are flying off the shelves very quickly and when the Limited Edition Soaps are gone, they're gone. Others will be re-stocked sometime in January.


Michelle said...

Your new sets look great and I like the new website design.


Hajni said...

Gooooorgeous packaging! Love love love! x