Monday, September 26, 2011


To all of our awesome customers and lurkers,

Almost two weeks ago I had the misfortune of getting really sick.  I got better on Friday and, again, was unfortunately slammed with a nasty cold.  Because of this lame chain of events, I have been basically out of commission.  Producing, processing and shipping orders had come to a slow crawl.

We were supposed to launch our three new soaps: Bubbling Cider, Fat Boy and Black Pumpkin for our Autumn Release today, but we had to postpone that for a day or two because of the current situation at hand.  I am feeling as if the continual doses of vitamins, juice, green tea, oatmeal, bananas and cold medicine are mending my cold.

I publicly would like to thank you for your patience if your current order is delayed in getting out.  This just couldn't have been helped.  We love every customer of ours and will slip in an extra treat for the people who have been waiting.

Our deepest apologies...



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Celine Blacow said...

Just reading this now.. hope you're feeling better already!