Saturday, May 7, 2011

Goat Milk Soap in The Mold

We haven't made an unscented goat milk soap in well over a year and it was great to get back to it. There is something so zen about it; the warm color, the feel on your skin.

This will be a permanent part of our soap collection, called Mar Bar incarnate. Olive oil, organic palm, coconut oil, and goat milk. All natural, of course. Yum.

Cure date to be announced when we launch our new line of soaps and new website and new labels!

UPDATE (May 21): Cured and available immediately in the goat milk soap section of our new site!


natural care said...

Wow!! I want to use one.

The Soap Sister said...

I think you'll sell TONS of this one! Goats Milk-Honey has been a best seller for me for years. I can't wait to see your new line and labels, Jo!

Joanna said...

It's now available!