Sunday, May 29, 2011

BIG News!

New Website Launches

The other big news is our new website. After a few weeks of super-secret work that involved not only a redesign of our logo (you might have noticed - no more awning) but a top-to-bottom re-code of our website, the new Product Body site has launched.

The new site is much cleaner, with easier and faster access to the products you want, when you want them. Every product page also has the requisite (it is 2011 after all) social media links, so please Tweet and "Like" products you think are groovy.

We've also put in a ton of new photography, and every product page has a clickable image with a beautiful full-size photo that comes up for your in-depth perusal. Co-owner Bradford Schmidt did the design and coding, with photography by both Joanna and Bradford (but mostly Joanna - and it's beautiful).

ABSOLUTE SOAP: The Real Alternative

(Find out for yourself with a free bar)

It's time for a REAL alternative to the every-day soaps, shampoos and body washes we all grew up with. For a line of handmade, real, pure soaps to replace the detergent and chemical-laden products on store shelves. Soaps that are reasonably priced, soaps for every need, soaps for everyone: men, women and children.

So Product Body is incredibly proud to announce the launch and immediate availability ofABSOLUTE SOAP, our new line of real, handmade soaps designed to replace, not augment, whatever body cleansing products you're currently using. Prices start at just $4.95 a bar, making it easy to use the real deal everywhere.

Citrus Black PepperThey are all handmade using the traditional cold process method, and are cured for weeks before being mindfully wrapped and delivered to your door. We take great pride in bringing you a product filled with fine oils, butters, milks, grains, clays and other ingredients that feel wonderful on your skin. If we don’t love it, we don’t sell it.

Our launch bars include (aside from the incredibly reasonably-priced Everyday Soap), some of the artisan bars you know and love, face bars, shea butter bars, goat milk bars , and sea salt bars (in other words, something for everyone). We'll be adding shampoo, shave and other special purpose bars soon (they're now curing).

And don't miss our new exfoliating bars! We've got two brand new ones: Citrus Black Pepper with Ground Coffee (pictured above, right), and Lemon Scone with Oatmeal (a goat milk bar). Both incredible, and both immediate staff favorites. In fact, just last night Joanna rubbed a raw chicken with butter and spices (for DINNER) and used the Citrus Black Pepper to degrease and scrub her hands. It was wonderful: no greasy aftermath, her hands smelled divine, and they were clean as a whistle.

Everyday Soap from ABSOLUTE SOAPTRY ABSOLUTE SOAP FREE! To help you learn exactly what you've been missing, we're giving away one free bar of ourEveryday Soap (seen here in this lovely photo) with every purchase over $10. Hit the site, put 10 bucks worth of stuff in your cart, then add your choice of Orange Lemongrass, Pineapple Icee , or Fresh Linento your cart. Use the couponEVERYDAYFREE when checking out and we'll deduct the price of the soap from your cart.

Remember: no matter what bar you're looking at, and no matter what it's for, we always use the best and freshest oils and butters we can find, and every bar is made to the exacting standards of our founder and chief soap maker, Joanna Schmidt.

It's time to get real with ABSOLUTE SOAP. Grab your FREE BAR from now until Tuesday, June 1.


TeresaR said...

The new design looks wonderful! Did Brad do that?

Joanna said...

Yes he did, Teresa!


TeresaR said...

He's one talented dude!