Thursday, October 7, 2010

Reducing Waste

As customers, you may have received a box from us that had an swoop on the side or a Brambleberry box. We purchase shipping boxes so that we have the proper sized boxes to ship your orders in, however, our studio is half filled with boxes from all of the supplies that we order to make the products you order. It seems irresponsible to buy boxes and then recycle all the others and not reuse some that would work just fine, right?

So instead of buying boxes and recycling ALL the ones that come into our studio, we have made the decision that if an order fits perfectly into a box that is in-house, whether it has been shipped before or not, and it is in good, sturdy condition, we will use it. Or should I say, reuse it.

We have always tried to be environmentally responsible. We recycle, reuse when we can and we use sustainably grown organic palm oil in our soaps so that the orangutans aren't massacred. Please read this article if you haven't already, on the palm oil issue, especially if you soap with it.

If you get your order in a box from, you were chosen to be a part of our reusing/recycling efforts. Be proud with us! And no, we don't use anything from in our products, but my husband reviews things for them and loves books.


Kim said...

Good for you!!

Peacecat said...

Here here! I love to see recycled boxes. It's good for the environment and hopefully helps to reduce your costs a bit.

Anonymous said...

That's totally fabulous! I love that you're doing that. :)